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Mandir Timings 
Monday - Friday 8:30 – 12:00 Noon      /     4:30 - 9:00 PM  
Saturday 8:30 AM to  9:00 PM  
Sunday 8:30 AM to  9:00 PM  
Aarti - Morning 10:30 AM
Aarti  - Evening 7:30 PM Weekdays
8:00 PM Tuesday
Weekly  Events 
Monday Rudra Abhishek  9:45 AM & 6:45 PM
Tuesday Hanuman Chalisa (Note: Aarti at 8:00 PM) 7:30 PM
Wednesday Vishnu Sahasranama 6:45 PM
Thursday Maa Saraswati Puja 6:30 PM
  Shri Sai Puja/Bhajans 6:45 PM
Friday Lakshmi Puja 9:00 AM
  Lalitha Sahasranama 6:45 PM
Saturday Balaji Suprabhatham
Novgrah Havan
8:30 AM
9.45 AM
(Aarti @ 5:00PM)
Maha Gayatri  Havan @ 11 AM
Satsang, Sponsored Puja, Special Puja
11:00  AM
3:00 PM onwards
We celebrate all holidays with special Puja
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Aug 29 - Sep 7, 2014
GANESH MAHA-UTSAV                                << Details >>
Ganapati Bappa Moraya


Come and participate in Ganesh Pujas twice daily for 10 days
    8:30 am Ganesh Homam   
    9:30 am Ganesh Abhishek
    10:30 am Temple Aarti/Prasaad
    6:00 pm Ganesh Sahastranaam
    7:00 pm Ganesh Archana (Fruits)
    7:30 pm Temple Aarti and Prasaad

    3:00 pm - ICSR sponsored Children Ganesh Pooja
    4:00 pm - 1008 Modak Sahastra-archana
    5:00 pm - ICSR Co-Sponsored Bhajan and Kirtan
    6:00 pm - Palki Procession and Visarjan in Mandir Ganga Sagar
    7:30 pm - Temple Aarti and MAHAPRASAAD

Sep 7, 2014
Sunday at 11 am

Saraswati Puja
Saraswati Puja and Open House for Classes

The Saraswati Puja, which heralds an auspicious start to the new academic year 2014-15, will take place on Sunday, September 7, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. This is the day when we also appreciate our excellent teachers for their hard work and dedication. Parents are advised to bring their children to get Ma Saraswati's blessings.

The Pooja will be followed by our Annual Open House from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Teachers will be present to answer your questions and an opportunity for parents to know in depth about each class.
The Classes Committee at Hindu Samaj Temple is pleased to announce the completion of 5 more class rooms! Your donation helped us achieve this goal in benefiting our children, community and building a solid cultural foundation. Please keep donating generously.

You can register your child before the Open House, or you can bring your registration that day along with your payment. Please check details and information under the "Classes".
      Recurring        Program 
a) Memeber Supported Sunday Pooja : 3 to 5 pm  << Details >>
   (Havans, pooja, bhajans and pravachans)
b) Sai Abhishek Pooja every 3rd Sunday of the month 11 to 1:30 PM
c) Bhajan by Art of Living-1st Saturday of the month (5:30-7:30pm)
d) Ayyappa Pooja - every 3rd Saturday --  at 6:00pm.
e) Every 1st Saturday - Chanting of SUNDERKAND 11.00 am- 1.00pm;   Prasad served at 1pm.

   Recent    Events
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For further information, Pease contact, Pt. Ji at: 201-529-1277

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