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Opportunities to make generous donations are available in many areas like Moorties, Darbars, Nine Golden Domes, General building fund, Plant a tree in memoriam, Garden benches, Library, Furniture and others. Give lump sum, provide direct withdrawal from your bank or simply use your PayPal/Credit Card for any donations. Donations may be tax deductible (Consult your CPA)

Automatic ACH Donation Form                                                      Download

TD Bank Affinity Program Form                                                    Download
TD bank donates to Mandir a small % of average balances maintained in your personal/business accounts. It is the best way to donate without costing you anything!

Donation Pledge Form (to make Mandir Debt Free)                          Download

Free Coin-Collection Box             
Beautiful coin-collection box is available free of charge at Mandir's Gift Shop. Please take one and fill it up with your forgotten / spare coins and bring it back to Mandir.

Groceries Cash Cards to help Mandir's Fundraising Program:            
When you buy Gift Cards (Cash Cards), Mandir gets 5% while you get full value of the card. Please buy these cards from us at the temple on regular basis. Checks should be made out to Hindu Samaj and at the bottom of the check please write – for Groceries Cards. Currently Shoprite, A&P and PathMark gift cards are available in denominations of $50 and $100. If you have any question, please contact via e-mail at  giving details of amount and the retailer’s name. Cards can be purchased at Temple’s Gift Shop. Thank you for your continued support!

Donation for Moorties                                           Download  Donation Form  
We need clothes to decorate Deities . There are 20 Deities and the average cost is $1000 per large Moortie with Shinghar. We urge all of you to send donations so we can buy a few sets at one time for use during big Festivals. You can sponsor cloths for any of your favorite God.